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Well hello there friends! Welcome to my February 2016 favorites. The products Im about to list have not only been my most used products this past month, but they have now become some of my holy grail, go to products, and I use them pretty much on the daily!FullSizeRenderNow let me break it all down for ya…IMG_3535This brush by ELF is pretty perfect, its extremely dense and picks up a lot of product and blends flawlessly. I use this brush to contour my bronzer. Great thing about ELF product line is the fact that they not only make great products, but they make it affordable and extremely accessible to stay on trend. This brush cost me $6.IMG_3536I use a lot of different brands of makeup brushes. This is another great one from ELF, it cost me $3. Its perfect for packing on that highlight!

FullSizeRenderI happen to pick up the wrong color, I typically like my concealers to be extremely brightening and pretty much white. This concealer has a doe foot applicator and is full coverage. This shades is pretty much the same shade as my foundation and I use it to conceal all those nasty blemishes, that yes, at 28 I still struggle with! This Revlon product set me back about $7

FullSizeRenderDisclaimer: This was a gift. However, its so good, I would save all my pennies to get more! This product is a high end product costing a good $35. It will most definitely last me a good while though. This “eye polish” has the coolest consistency and can be used for so many techniques. It can be applied as a base for eye shadows. You can even apply it over top of an eyeshadow. Its extremely build-able and can even be used on its own. This stuff comes in all sorts of shades. Cant wait to get my hands on more!IMG_3541I found this product at the Salon I work at. This is a mineral foundation stick. I don’t  typically purchase or use mineral based products, although there are many benefits to using mineral makeup, its been my experience that they tend to not be enough coverage for me and sometimes just sits on the surface of my skin, verses blending into it. However this foundation stick is just the opposite. This stuff has a lovely lovely scent and an extremely creamy consistency with the perfect amount of coverage. IMG_3540Damn Daniel, back at it again with the ELF!  This is ELF’s “smudge pot” comes in all different shades. This one is in the lightest shade offered. This stuff is perfect as a base to any eye look! And again cost me only $3.

IMG_3537Inspired by Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, but don’t have $37 to blow on it! Try the Maybelline Matte LipStick line. This is one trendy shade and only cost me $5…IMG_3543Saved the best for last… This eyeshadow right here is a drug store product with a high end result! I cant say enough good things about this Infallible Eye Shadow from Lore’l. Heres my little secret.. I use this stuff not only as a shadow for a lot of my eye looks, but I use it on the daily as my highlight!!! This stuff is a pressed pigment and has so much color pay off, its build-able most importantly affordable! $8


Well there you have it, a bit of a break down and list of some of most used and favorite products of February 2016! I hope you can get your hands on some of these products, and try them out for yourselves.

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