Whats In My Bag?-Summer Edition!

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I have learned my lesson one to many times. Never go to the beach or pool unprepared. Now that I’m living in Arizona I tend to get a lot of pool time action, cause you know it’s 115 degrees and all! Below are the essential I bring in my pool bag and never leave the house with out anymore!

1. Stylish and functional bag- this one in particular was provided for us at one of the resorts we stayed at in Thailand. Needless to say I took it home!

2. Fun and festive summer towel – I always hit Walmart up for our pool towels, they have a great selection and are very affordable.

3. Water bottle- okay so this one I think besides sun protection is probably one of the most important things in my pool bag. While hanging out in the sun it’s super important to stay hydrated!

4. Sunscreen- I know 100 SPF might be a little dramatic, but let’s get real, I’m extremely pale and I do not tan! I burn, blister and peel.

5. Sun Tan Oil- Well let’s just say I’m a poser. I really, really like the smell of sun tan lotion and because I can’t use it for it’s purpose, I spray it on my towel for a summery scent.

6. Bug Spray- still water and water in general is prime real state for bugs and especially Mosquitos. I have that “sweet blood” and I can get eaten alive if not protected.

7. A good read- normally for me, that’s tends to be a magazine or Pinterest. These days I’m trying to branch out and become a little bit more intellectual, this book was given to me by a friend that could obviously tell it might be helpful. So far so good.

8. A snack- last but certainly not least, a little pick me up. Swimming and soaking in the sun can be depleting. I usually go for some fresh fruit and goldfish. Today I went with a good old granola bar!


I hope you enjoyed snooping through my bag! You can get to know some one really well based on what is in their bag. I would love to hear what you put it your pool/ beach bag! Leave a comment and let me in on your tips and tricks for a day on the water!

Stay Tasty Ladies,
Xoxo Alisha

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