Ultimate Summer Drink Guide

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Ever get to the bar or restaurant and you don’t know what to order to drink? Either you are too hungry to decide or you want to branch out from your usual go to libation. Well don’t fear, your ultimate drink guide is here! Summer is quickly approaching, below is a summer beverage guide to quench your thirst!

Starting with some really great beer options. Often times those fancy cocktails are a bit out of price range, and you can never go wrong with a good brewski!

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Okay so if you have never tried Hoegarrden, I would say stop what you are doing, and hit your local bar or liquor store now, but I would hate for you to loose your place! This is the beer that the popular Blue Moon, by Coors copied. If you ask me, it doesn’t really compare. Hoegarrden is an unfiltered wheat beer with a cloudy yellow tone. Best served with a lemon or orange.


Now this one is not for everyone, it has mixed reviews, and to be honest I don’t perfer it unless its served in a tin bottle, like above. Bud Light lime is so easy to drink and pretty much the perfect outdoor summer activity beer. When it comes in a tin bottle, not only does it taste better, stays colder longer, but its also accepted pool side where glass bottles are not!

Lets talk wine!

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A glass of Rose’ is perfect for summer. Its served iced cold. (I even sometimes put ice cubes it in) With its pretty color and floral flavor, its a great wine choice for summer, over just a classic white.

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Moscato is a sweet and refreshing bubbly wine, similar to champagne but much much sweater and even easier to drink!


Sangria the “adult” jungle juice. This concoction comes with a warning label, it goes down like juice, but is very potent! Sangria is a mix of hard alcohol, wine, juice, and assorted fruits. A great thing about sangria is, if you like red wine, there is red sangria, and if you prefer white wine, go for the white sangria.

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This next cocktail is a simple but delicious choice.

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Its like a watermelon made out with pineapple, and after a few of these, you might be making out with someone too! Midori is a melon flavored liquor and pared with pineapple juice it makes a perfect tropical bliss!

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Cant go wrong here, Margaritas are tequila based and one of the most popular summer beverages around. Although I drink margaritas all year round, in the summer I order them blended, verses on the rocks. A Slushy perfection!

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Don’t knock it till you try it! (so I’ve heard) I have never tried a Pimms and Lemonade, but my roomie from the UK insisted it be on the list of recommended summer drinks. Pimms is a gin like liqueur, and apparently, pared with lemonade, it makes a brilliant refreshment. (Cant wait to get my hands on some PIMMS!)

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Lime juice, soda water, mint and rum! pretty much the best mix ever, when it comes to summer beverages!

Last but certainly not least, my absolute favorite summer beverage!!!

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The caipirinha is a Brazilian classic made with 3 ingredients; muddled lime, raw sugar and Cachaca liquor. ┬áVery potent, refreshing, and easy to drink! It was love at first sight. The first time I had ever had a caipirinha was on South Beach in Miami Florida. At first glance I thought, “oh a Mojto”, but I was quickly corrected the moment I took my first sip! Although if you like mojitos you will love caipirinhas. Basically the best thing ever!!!

After all this, aren’t you thirsty now? Although I urge you try all these great summer drinks, I encourage you to drink responsibly, and try to avoid that dreadful thing we call a “hangover.”

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Cheers, and stay tasty ladies,


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