Manicure Monday

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Today I have a great tip for you. Its a bit out there, but I am telling you it really works!

Lets be honest here, a girl is only helpless when her nails are wet. Having the patience to wait for your manicure to properly dry can be dreadful.  With this quick and easy trick you can set your mani in seconds allowing them to dry INCREDIBLY FAST!!!

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After applying 1-2 (but NO more than 2) coats of each these polishes, count to 20.

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Crazy I now and you might be thinking ewwwww, but I am telling you it works so well! See, the aerosol freezes the polish instantly and the oil moisturizes your cuticles.  Two birds with one stone.

Again after your spray your nails, count to 20, then….

photo (3) copy 4

photo (4) copy 4

And Just like that your nails are to the touch DRY! In Seconds! 40 to be exact.

Happy Monday friends and readers, wishing you a wonderful week ahead!


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