Summer Favorites

photoIm back! So first of all I want to apologize for my absence.  Please allow me to explain my self. When the idea of starting this blog came to mind, I was unemployed, with quite a bit of time on my hands. I understand we all have busy lives and its a daily juggle and sometimes struggle. Upon starting a new position I increasingly got busier with my day job, I quickly transitioned from part time to full time and have had great success with that.  However what used to be having all day everyday to blog shortly turned into not very much time at all. Along with keeping busy with work, my energy has been geared toward making a living, like most. It left me feeling unmotivated and burnt out.

After an entire summer off from blogging, I am back! I have renewed my blogger vows! Although my posts might be few and far between I promise to stay committed to my loyal readers and supporters and I plan to produce new content more often.

I want to now thank all my readers and supporters for your understanding and patience.

My summer was quite uneventful and to be honest consisted mostly of my 9-5, however, there were quite a few things that helped me get by!!!

photo (8)

Blue Moon has always been a favorite, but this seasonal brew was absolutely delicious!

photo (7)

Candles are a must around my house! They make a house a home. My husband usually likes to find one of a kind deals on candles at TJ MAXX. Bath and Body Works also has a great assortment of scents for every single season, and when you buy in bulk, you get a great deal!

photo (9)n

These items above were not only my go to pieces for just about every occasion this summer, but they were also my favorite purchases I made for the season. Each item was under $20.

Target, Charming Charlies,Walmart, Forever 21

photo (6)

As summer began I picked up a few sample sizes of three different scents at my local Macys, the other two are not worth mentioning, but this one right here, this one right here, is to die for! Depending on your nose and your perception of scents, I happen to have a very sensitive nose, as small as it may be.  This scent can kinda be a bit, as my sister would say “GRANDMAIE” But if you are asking me, I loved this scent for summer! When I find a perfume I like I tend to stick with it, as you can tell its almost empty.

photo (5)

My perfect pout all summer long was due to this litter duo. PERFECTION! Each of these products have a minty linger and a refreshing scent perfect for summer.

photo (3) copy 3

Keeping your skin and hair hydrated is important all year round, but in the summer I gravitate toward a more floral scent. My skin and hair were smooth and shiny all season long thanks to these amazing products!

photo (1) copy 6

Summer is full of long days of wearing flip flops, sandals, and if your are anything like me, barefoot! This foot file was not only a great way to maintain a great pedi but it aloud me to go longer in between my professional pedicures, saving me time and money.

photo (2) copy 4

Last but certainly not least, my favorite summer color for your mani or pedi! I just love the name too!

As the summer comes to an end and the next season approaches I wish all my readers and supporters the best with whats to come in your lives!  Thanks again for your patience with me as I slowly gain confidence and motivation in my blogging journey.










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