Repurposed Canvas


Hi There!

canvas title page .jpg

This week i was determined to get our wedding pics up! Its been almost a year and we didn’t have one picture presented, totally unacceptable!  Its been on my to do list now for far too long. After accomplishing that goal, i felt so inspired.

When first moving to Nashville i was super eager to decorate our new space. A lot of our home decor consist of things from our travels and hand me down decor from along the way.  I also really enjoy thrift store shopping and garage selling, taking old things and making them new!

A few years ago i picked up this decent looking canvas painting for around $2. I didn’t really match our stuff and over time i thought it was ugly, but i new it was a nice canvas that could be covered in fabric or repurposed in some way.

old canvas .jpgAfter a lot of thinking and endless pictures of the cutest family ever, i decided i wanted to use the canvas as a bulletin board for the hallway.

materials canvas.jpg

arrange photos.jpg

pin pics .jpghang cnavas.jpg

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