Red Wine Winter Spritzer

Thirsty Thursday

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One more day people! Did you start your week waiting for friday? I am hoping this little pick me up drink will be just what you need to get through the next few days, until the weekend! Maybe this week is going super slow, or maybe not, say your crazy busy and overwhelmed and you could really use a break, or maybe you are having quests over and need inspiration for a beverage to serve. Whatever the reason may be, todays post is a very simple cocktail that will hit the spot!

This drink in very versatile and can also be served none alcoholic, simply by leaving it out. I like to consider this beverage a night time mimosa.

Here is what you need:

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Ice is optional,  I prefer to have everything chilled, except the red wine. It is also important to add the wine first, so that it can breath in the glass as you prep for the next step. Having the wine aerate allows the flavors to be fully how too redwine drink.jpg First goes the wine, in goes the seltzer, then goes the juice. I used lime seltzer, its what came in the Costco pack. The juice is a buy one get one free from Publix. As for the red wine, this particular kind was recommended to me through Instagram. Any red wine, juice or seltzer will work, use what flavors you enjoy!final List of liquids .jpgIts not only easy to make, but its easy to drink, because the wine is diluted with deliciousness, its surprisingly light. Final Garnished look red wine .jpgI thought a raspberry garnish would be pretty.

I wish everyone a happy Thirsty Thursday and happy weekend! Do something fun, get something checked off your to do list, send a thank you card! Look forward to next weeks posts.

Cheers Readers!

xoxo Alisha

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