What’s In My Bag?

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 Welcome back readers!

Today I thought I would share with you what is in my bag! I have always said the best way to get to know someone, is having them share with you what is in their purse.  We as ladies carry our whole life in our purse!  Well at least I do.  My bag weighs a whopping 4lbs!

I must say I am quite the bag lady, and I get it from my mom! She used to switch bags just about every month. I change bags every season.  I go from a spring bag to summer bag, fall bag to a winter bag.

The purse you carry is such a unlimited way to express your self and your particular style. Your bag can really make a statement!

If you are Kylie Jenner, your bag says, Hi there! Im RICH! My bag costs more than your car, I have three and I haven’t even hit puberty! kourt-kylie-82711-3 copy

Got love those Kardashians!

No, but seriously I love them!

We are all influenced by what we see, and fashion is everywhere! Our bag is just one place we can make a statement. When it comes to my everyday fashion and clothes I’m a bargain shopper and I pride my self on that.  Although I think your purse is a great place to make an investment; you will use it everyday and have it forever.

I am always on the hunt for the perfect bag! I find myself saying this one is too small, this one is too big, I have yet been able to find that perfect size! I think that’s why I have so many! There are many things a girl cannot have too many of, bags being one of them!

So enough rambling, lets get into it!

Bag-I am so in love with this purse! I got it online at charmingcharlies.com, which is typically a jewelry store but they also carry all things accessories.

Charming Charlie’s has really great prices and trends, its one of my favorite places to shop! Give them your email and address and you will receive all sorts for great coupons and specials, maximizing your buck!

I typically never settle for any bag these days unless it’s by Michael Kors, given I have a few of his designs already, I felt like I needed to branch out this season.

I got this bag 75% off! Got love that! On top of the price, I absolutely loved the color and stud details, it was just what I was looking for.

I like to be prepared for anything.  Below is what I carry in my bag on the daily.

allI like to carry bags within my bag, it helps me keep organized and eliminates the problem we have, where our purse turns into a big black hole, where we know items are there but we cant find them!

DSC_0017Now days everything revolves around electronics, I always try to carry all chargers to things that will eventually need a charge.

DSC_0019I also carry a little pouch filled with Tylenol, Midol and any other meds I have.

I carry two types of wallets; one is for all my important necessities the other one I use only when I travel or go out. I transfer the absolute necessities to the smaller travel wallet, leaving out all my business cards, gift cards, receipts and memberships, simply allowing easer access.

DSC_0012I like to be the girl that when some one says hey do you have any (fill in the blank) I got you covered. Lotions and potions galore!

DSC_0014I carry regular hand lotion, sunscreen, hand sanitizer and of course a mini brush with an extra hair tie and bobby pin (not pictured)

I am not one to carry my entire makeup bag with me.  Two items I do take, make up related are black eye liner and lip-gloss, these two beauty products are small, light weight and can refresh your look completely!

DSC_0015Okay so I like variety when it comes to my lip-gloss, I like to have a clear, pink and shimmer gloss, be prepared for every look! If I wear lipstick that day, I throw that in there too.

And don’t forget the medicated lip products! Lots of gloss and lipstick can leave your lips feeling dry through out the day.  Having medicated lip products on hand insure in maximum moisture!  The hubby always appreciates it too.

DSC_0021These are a few miscellaneous items I like to have around, Band-Aids, lighter, matches, and a nail file.  These can be survival tools that I highly recommend having in your bag.

DSC_0023Well there you have it! What’s in my bag!

I thought this post would be helpful, fun and most of all a good way to get to know me!   I hope you all have a productive and positive week! See ya on Friday!

Stay Tasty Ladies

Xoxo Alisha

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  1. Minerva
    January 15, 2014 at 1:54 AM (4 years ago)

    Ha,ha,ha. My bag wights about 8 pounds
    No joke. Some of the things I carry are mail, pens, receipts, medicine, and a book!!!! Love your idea of using smaller bags because I usually can’t find things, specially my KEYS !!!


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