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Spring Lip Shade Trends

Hi ladies and maybe a few gents? Today on its Beauty Tip Tuesday. I bring to you 7 different lip shades trending this spring. Thanks to a few inspirations from Kylie Jenner and Amrezy, I have narrowed down my favorite shades for springs 2016 and I’m bringing them to you not only in detail, but in affordability. Every single shade below is a drug store product ranging in price from $3-8. Enjoy!









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Stay tasty ladies

Lavender Body Scrub


Hello lovely readers!

Today I have a DIY beauty tip for you. As summer approaches, so do bare body parts, legs, shoulders, knees and toes… To help you get those parts ready, you need to exfoliate the skin and dead cell build up from winter.  I have a lovely body scrub recipe that you can whip up in no time using what you already have in your pantry!

Three simple ingredients make for a luxurious scrub leaving your skin nourished and moisturized for the summer season!

photo (1)

Raw sugar is used as the exfoliant. If all you have is white granulated sugar go ahead and use that!

Olive Oil is the moisturizer. Again, use whatever oil you have! Canola oil or vegetable oil will work just fine.

Fresh Lavender not only provides an amazing and relaxing scent to this scrub, but its essential oils are used as an anti inflammatory and also helps purify the skin.

The word lavender stems from the latin word lavare which means “to wash” and is used regularly in a lot of beauty products.

Im currently in New Zealand and just down the block from us is a Lavender bush overtaking the side walk. I pass the lavender bush almost everyday when I bike to the market. The aroma which comes from this bush is truly to die for! Each time I pass it I say to myself I have got to do something with this Lavender! Thus came about the inspiration for todays post.

photo (2)2 TBSP of Raw Sugarphoto (7)Pluck the Lavender off the stem and into the bowl of (4)

photo (3)Using some sort of tool, you want to muddle the sugar and lavender. This step allows the essential oils from the lavender to infuse the (8)Add 1 cap full or 1 TBSP of olive oil. photo (5)Mix!photo (6)After desired exfoliation, rinse with warm water and you wont believe how soft your skin will feel!

Your skin will be prepped and ready for summer! Shorts and swim wear hear you come!

I hope you try this DIY beauty tip and that you love it as much as I did! My husband even noticed how much softer my skin felt, that my friends is proof in itself that this simple ingredient beauty tip is a sure win!

Happy tuesday and stay tasty ladies!


Concealer Tip


Hello There Readers!

I have a quick and easy makeup tip for you today, I hope you enjoy!

I never used to wear concealer. After a few youtube tutorials I was convinced I must add it to my rep and it will make all the difference, it has, made all the difference. After about 2 years now of using concealer every time I wear makeup I have found the perfect technique.

photo (1)Applying your concealer in an inverted triangle shape under your eye verses quarter back style, will not only conceal your dark circles better but this technique also gets rid of any shadows that might make you look like you have dark circles.

Applying concealer is important because it hides dark circles and even outs your skin tone. It also adds light under your eyes, allowing a more youthful, glowing, refreshed and professional look.

I have been using these specific concealers. They work so well I have not branched out to any other brands or types. However I have really been wanting to get my hands on the MAC PRO long wear concealer, its about $25, and I have yet to been able to get myself to spend that much on one product.  Im the bargain shopper that rather get 5 different things for the same price!

photo (4)

photo (2)You want your concealer to be 2-3 shades lighter than your foundation, you may also use a more yellow toned concealer for blemishes, the yellow cancels out the red in your skin.

I have very light/ fair skin, in this case I like to use basically a white concealer.  Like with most makeup applications, I recommend, “when in doubt, blend it out” Its also important to set your concealer with a powder as well, this will keep the product from breaking up or creasing into your wrinkles.

Well lovies I hope you enjoyed todays post and that you find it helpful. Try out these tips and leave a comment letting me know if it worked for you!

Happy Valentines Day

Stay Tasty Ladies

Happy One Year!

Happy Birthday Balloons

Happy Birthday!

A year has past and so have the goals I didn’t meet! New-year, new goals, new motivation, new ideas, new inspirations, same blog. Putting the past behind me and learning to forgive myself. We are our own worst enemy; we need to learn to befriend ourselves.  When I started this blogging journey I set some very unrealistic goals for myself, and I made a lot of mistakes. In the end I learned more than I ever thought I would.  As I look back, although I didn’t accomplish my goals this year, I cant be too hard on myself , cause at the end of the day, or year in this case, I did the best I could. If there is one thing I learned this year, 2014, I learned we are all so hard on ourselves, this causes stress and anxiety, and going forward  in 2015 I hope to achieve my goals, but know if it doesn’t happen, its OK, there is always next year…


This last year I have been inspired by SO many people in my life. I could not be more proud of these people and loved ones. The things each of these people have accomplished this year makes it extremely hard to be easy on myself, but It shows, everyone is different.

I want to recognize each of these people and share with you how they inspire me to be a better person each and day.  Starting with my one and only, my love, my husband. Joey has accomplished so much this year. He has gone through the hardest academic journey there is, and come May he will have a Dr. in front of his name and an MD at the end.  I have never seen my husband so busy! He inspires me to keep moving and keep going, but when its time to rest, rest! I think it’s the secret to his success.

On to the people who never rest, no rest for the wicked type of chics, my sisters. they are always on the go. A perfect stay at home mom, a young adult that will be graduating and will attend vet school in 2017.  These girls inspire me to all ends! Nicolle, she is the ultimate domesticated goddess to making sure everyone is ok to making everyone ok.  She inspires me to be prepared for anything. Kelsy, she is constantly on the go, its hard to keep track of this one. Kelsy inspires me to always keep my options open,  save my money for a rainy day and eat as much cereal as I want! No, but seriously, these two are everything to me and its so important and an necessity to my happiness that they remain, and be a big part of my life, if not the biggest part of my life.

By now you are probably thinking, wow, what great inspirational people you have in your life, no wonder its hard to keep up sometimes.  But wait, just wait. I have this really awesome best friend, I like to call her Hanavan.  This year Hanavan has accomplished so much, and she literally leaves me in awe. Much like my husband she is also achieving a career in the medical field and with that comes a long hard academic journey.  Seeing my bestie in such a great place brings me such excitement and makes me long to have the same. She moved closer to her family, got accepted to Denver Nursing Program, newly -wed, domesticated goddess, and the best fur mom ever!  Hanavan inspires me to never forget about me and my wants, and goals, achieve things and accomplish things on my own, she might be the only people who can truly inspire me to eat healthier and become more active. She is always there for me when I need her and always has the right answers.

I have a lot of very strong people in my life, my loved and friends have been through quite a lot in their lives just like most.  My mother in law is one of those strong women.  In just this year the amount of things thrown her way put a lot of people’s complaints to shame.  Minerva, she not only moved, again, for I believe the 20th time in her life, to be closer to family in her journey to be happier and healthier.    Minerva supports so many peoples lives, it’s outrageous, her pile of mail puts your shoe collection to shame! Her father and father in law both past this year, which came with a flood more responsibility.  She inspires me to help others and support loved ones and to never let anyone struggle if they don’t have too.

So all in all this year might of not been a great year of many accomplished goals, and Im having to forgive myself for mistakes I have made, but I can look back and tell you that I did find something this year, I found my authentic feeling of gratitude.

Im so so grateful to have such inspirational and strong motivating people in my life.  If its one thing Im taking from 2014 its Gratitude!

A special thanks to Ursala Hudson, she has taught me so much and helped me every step of the way when it comes to She has helped me accomplish my blogging dreams from day one, and not a lot would be possible with out her help and support.

And last but not least thank! My loyal readers, who visit when posts are made and help spread my inspiration.  Thank you for your patience, patronage and traffic. Please stay tuned, big things for



Stay Tasty Ladies,


Fall Inspiration

Hi there readers I am  back with patterns, textures, colors and trends! You know, all the lovely things that each season brings. Fashion is one of my favorite ways to transition to the next season.  I have to say, I am loving all the trends for this fall and winter. Flannel,  denim, stripes, leopard, faux furs, and all at once!!! Have you observed? Not only is in on trend to wear these patters but it ok to wear them all at once!  NO MORE RULES! I’m guessing that a brown belt with black shoes is still a no no, but who knows, maybe next year it will be the new it thing.

I don’t know about you, but i find a lot of my fashion inspiration on social media. Below are the styles, ootd’s, makeup and nails that inspire me this fall season.

fall fashion

more fall fashion

fall makeup

fall polish 2Don’t be afraid this season to branch out of your comfort zone, break the rules, and most importantly, express yourself.

Thanks for poppin by!

Manicure Monday

photo copy 8

Today I have a great tip for you. Its a bit out there, but I am telling you it really works!

Lets be honest here, a girl is only helpless when her nails are wet. Having the patience to wait for your manicure to properly dry can be dreadful.  With this quick and easy trick you can set your mani in seconds allowing them to dry INCREDIBLY FAST!!!

photo (1) copy 7

After applying 1-2 (but NO more than 2) coats of each these polishes, count to 20.

photo (2) copy 5

Crazy I now and you might be thinking ewwwww, but I am telling you it works so well! See, the aerosol freezes the polish instantly and the oil moisturizes your cuticles.  Two birds with one stone.

Again after your spray your nails, count to 20, then….

photo (3) copy 4

photo (4) copy 4

And Just like that your nails are to the touch DRY! In Seconds! 40 to be exact.

Happy Monday friends and readers, wishing you a wonderful week ahead!


Summer Favorites

photoIm back! So first of all I want to apologize for my absence.  Please allow me to explain my self. When the idea of starting this blog came to mind, I was unemployed, with quite a bit of time on my hands. I understand we all have busy lives and its a daily juggle and sometimes struggle. Upon starting a new position I increasingly got busier with my day job, I quickly transitioned from part time to full time and have had great success with that.  However what used to be having all day everyday to blog shortly turned into not very much time at all. Along with keeping busy with work, my energy has been geared toward making a living, like most. It left me feeling unmotivated and burnt out.

After an entire summer off from blogging, I am back! I have renewed my blogger vows! Although my posts might be few and far between I promise to stay committed to my loyal readers and supporters and I plan to produce new content more often.

I want to now thank all my readers and supporters for your understanding and patience.

My summer was quite uneventful and to be honest consisted mostly of my 9-5, however, there were quite a few things that helped me get by!!!

photo (8)

Blue Moon has always been a favorite, but this seasonal brew was absolutely delicious!

photo (7)

Candles are a must around my house! They make a house a home. My husband usually likes to find one of a kind deals on candles at TJ MAXX. Bath and Body Works also has a great assortment of scents for every single season, and when you buy in bulk, you get a great deal!

photo (9)n

These items above were not only my go to pieces for just about every occasion this summer, but they were also my favorite purchases I made for the season. Each item was under $20.

Target, Charming Charlies,Walmart, Forever 21

photo (6)

As summer began I picked up a few sample sizes of three different scents at my local Macys, the other two are not worth mentioning, but this one right here, this one right here, is to die for! Depending on your nose and your perception of scents, I happen to have a very sensitive nose, as small as it may be.  This scent can kinda be a bit, as my sister would say “GRANDMAIE” But if you are asking me, I loved this scent for summer! When I find a perfume I like I tend to stick with it, as you can tell its almost empty.

photo (5)

My perfect pout all summer long was due to this litter duo. PERFECTION! Each of these products have a minty linger and a refreshing scent perfect for summer.

photo (3) copy 3

Keeping your skin and hair hydrated is important all year round, but in the summer I gravitate toward a more floral scent. My skin and hair were smooth and shiny all season long thanks to these amazing products!

photo (1) copy 6

Summer is full of long days of wearing flip flops, sandals, and if your are anything like me, barefoot! This foot file was not only a great way to maintain a great pedi but it aloud me to go longer in between my professional pedicures, saving me time and money.

photo (2) copy 4

Last but certainly not least, my favorite summer color for your mani or pedi! I just love the name too!

As the summer comes to an end and the next season approaches I wish all my readers and supporters the best with whats to come in your lives!  Thanks again for your patience with me as I slowly gain confidence and motivation in my blogging journey.










Spring Time Favorites

photo copy 7Welcome Back My Loyal Friends and Reader!

Today i want to bring to you some of my favorites from the spring season.  Nothing says spring more than pastels! In the spring I love to rock a pretty pastel mani and baby pink lips. Below are some of my go to products for spring.

photo copy 6

I can not go without mentioning, the Fresh Paint polish is a color i picked up at a 5 Below store. (kinda like a dollar store but better!) and I’m not sure, but they might only be found in the south. However if you can get your hands on this brand of polish, you will not regret it! It costed me a whole $1.50 and it provided me with a chip free mani for 9 whole days! I was so impressed with the formula and lasting power i went back a purchased 10 more colors.      photo (1) copy 5

I just love a pink lip and it makes for such a fresh look! I picked up a few from Forever 21, I have not tried any of their beauty products before, but i must say they are a great bang for your buck.

As spring comes to an end and the summer season nears, i wish everyone a blooming rest of the the month and a fresh start to the next.

Until next time!

Stay Tasty Ladies

xoxo Alisha

DIY Makeup Brush Carrier

photo copy 3

All you need is 2 things! An oriental table place mat, and some elastic.

photo (1) copy 2

This helps keep your brushes safe, organized and protected.

Thanks for stopping by this week! Stay tuned for more fun, easy and creative inspirations!

January Favorites

title page jan fav.jpg

Well hello there, and welcome back to! I wanted to share with you some of the beauty products i have been loving this month, mainly makeup products. These items are some of my holy grail go to items that i can not live without!

january Fav .jpg1. Mac Cosmetics custom eye shadow pallet in shades-cork, vanilla, carbon and mystery

2. Maybelline Stylish Smokes eye shadow in shade nutmeg


4. Elf Cosmetics lip exfoliator

5. Loreal Infallible eye shadow in shade- endless pearl

6. Loreal infallible eye shadow in shade- iced latte

7. Elf Cosmetics brow kit

8. Elf Cosmetics tone correcting concealer

9. Elf Cosmetics eyelid primer

10. Elf Cosmetics blush in shade-glow

11. Elf Cosmetics baked eye shadow in shade- burnt plum

Well there you have it ladies! These products are my monthly favorites for January, items i have really been putting to the test and enjoying! I hope this gives you some inspiration to look back and see all of the things you have been using a lot this month or not, get rid of what you have not and pick up some of these great products in replace! You cant go wrong.

Stay Tasty Ladies

xoxo Alisha