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Happy One Year!

Happy Birthday Balloons

Happy Birthday!

A year has past and so have the goals I didn’t meet! New-year, new goals, new motivation, new ideas, new inspirations, same blog. Putting the past behind me and learning to forgive myself. We are our own worst enemy; we need to learn to befriend ourselves.  When I started this blogging journey I set some very unrealistic goals for myself, and I made a lot of mistakes. In the end I learned more than I ever thought I would.  As I look back, although I didn’t accomplish my goals this year, I cant be too hard on myself , cause at the end of the day, or year in this case, I did the best I could. If there is one thing I learned this year, 2014, I learned we are all so hard on ourselves, this causes stress and anxiety, and going forward  in 2015 I hope to achieve my goals, but know if it doesn’t happen, its OK, there is always next year…


This last year I have been inspired by SO many people in my life. I could not be more proud of these people and loved ones. The things each of these people have accomplished this year makes it extremely hard to be easy on myself, but It shows, everyone is different.

I want to recognize each of these people and share with you how they inspire me to be a better person each and day.  Starting with my one and only, my love, my husband. Joey has accomplished so much this year. He has gone through the hardest academic journey there is, and come May he will have a Dr. in front of his name and an MD at the end.  I have never seen my husband so busy! He inspires me to keep moving and keep going, but when its time to rest, rest! I think it’s the secret to his success.

On to the people who never rest, no rest for the wicked type of chics, my sisters. they are always on the go. A perfect stay at home mom, a young adult that will be graduating and will attend vet school in 2017.  These girls inspire me to all ends! Nicolle, she is the ultimate domesticated goddess to making sure everyone is ok to making everyone ok.  She inspires me to be prepared for anything. Kelsy, she is constantly on the go, its hard to keep track of this one. Kelsy inspires me to always keep my options open,  save my money for a rainy day and eat as much cereal as I want! No, but seriously, these two are everything to me and its so important and an necessity to my happiness that they remain, and be a big part of my life, if not the biggest part of my life.

By now you are probably thinking, wow, what great inspirational people you have in your life, no wonder its hard to keep up sometimes.  But wait, just wait. I have this really awesome best friend, I like to call her Hanavan.  This year Hanavan has accomplished so much, and she literally leaves me in awe. Much like my husband she is also achieving a career in the medical field and with that comes a long hard academic journey.  Seeing my bestie in such a great place brings me such excitement and makes me long to have the same. She moved closer to her family, got accepted to Denver Nursing Program, newly -wed, domesticated goddess, and the best fur mom ever!  Hanavan inspires me to never forget about me and my wants, and goals, achieve things and accomplish things on my own, she might be the only people who can truly inspire me to eat healthier and become more active. She is always there for me when I need her and always has the right answers.

I have a lot of very strong people in my life, my loved and friends have been through quite a lot in their lives just like most.  My mother in law is one of those strong women.  In just this year the amount of things thrown her way put a lot of people’s complaints to shame.  Minerva, she not only moved, again, for I believe the 20th time in her life, to be closer to family in her journey to be happier and healthier.    Minerva supports so many peoples lives, it’s outrageous, her pile of mail puts your shoe collection to shame! Her father and father in law both past this year, which came with a flood more responsibility.  She inspires me to help others and support loved ones and to never let anyone struggle if they don’t have too.

So all in all this year might of not been a great year of many accomplished goals, and Im having to forgive myself for mistakes I have made, but I can look back and tell you that I did find something this year, I found my authentic feeling of gratitude.

Im so so grateful to have such inspirational and strong motivating people in my life.  If its one thing Im taking from 2014 its Gratitude!

A special thanks to Ursala Hudson, she has taught me so much and helped me every step of the way when it comes to She has helped me accomplish my blogging dreams from day one, and not a lot would be possible with out her help and support.

And last but not least thank! My loyal readers, who visit when posts are made and help spread my inspiration.  Thank you for your patience, patronage and traffic. Please stay tuned, big things for



Stay Tasty Ladies,


Manicure Monday

photo copy 8

Today I have a great tip for you. Its a bit out there, but I am telling you it really works!

Lets be honest here, a girl is only helpless when her nails are wet. Having the patience to wait for your manicure to properly dry can be dreadful.  With this quick and easy trick you can set your mani in seconds allowing them to dry INCREDIBLY FAST!!!

photo (1) copy 7

After applying 1-2 (but NO more than 2) coats of each these polishes, count to 20.

photo (2) copy 5

Crazy I now and you might be thinking ewwwww, but I am telling you it works so well! See, the aerosol freezes the polish instantly and the oil moisturizes your cuticles.  Two birds with one stone.

Again after your spray your nails, count to 20, then….

photo (3) copy 4

photo (4) copy 4

And Just like that your nails are to the touch DRY! In Seconds! 40 to be exact.

Happy Monday friends and readers, wishing you a wonderful week ahead!


Love Day Nail Art

Manicure Monday

(okay so more like Manicure Tuesday, ya, sorry about that.)

Hi there!

Im excited to share with you an easy way to sport a festive holiday nail art look. As Love Day approaches i crave chocolate more and more! This holiday is very controversial, some celebrate, others boy caught. One things for sure, LOVE is all you need! Tell someone you love them often and show appreciation everyday, not just once a year!

Love Day Nail Art

photo copyI used China Glaze-Easy Going (great dupe for Essie Fiji) and Petites-Rock In Red photo (2)


photo (1)

photo (3)

photo (4)

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to nail art. Give yourself plenty of time, take your time, be creative, and most of all have fun with it. I added some silver glitter to the rest of my nails, this step is optional. Glitter tends to help the polish last longer and chip less.

Happy Valentines Day! I wish you a day of LOVE and HAPPINESS!

Stay Tasty Ladies

xoxo, Alisha

Fool Proof French Mani

Manicure Monday

Final french mani pictoral .jpg.jpg.jpgphoto (1)I hope you enjoyed my pictorials today, and that you learned something new! Thanks for popping by, i hope you have a positive week and i will see you for Thirsty Thursday!

Stay Tasty Ladies

xoxo Alisha

Long Lasting Manicure

Welcome to Manicure Monday!

 I wanted my first post to represent me in the most perfect way. What better way to represent myself than by what I am most known for, my manicures!

I want to share with you the steps you can take to achieve a long lasting manicure.

First things first – preparation,

Listed below are the materials you will need:


Paper Towel

100% Acetone

Cotton Rounds

Small bowl

Warm Water

Anti Bacterial Soup

Nail File

Cuticle Remover Solution

Cuticle Pusher

Cuticle Nippers

Nail Buffer

Nail Dehydrator

Polish (color of choice)

Orange Wood Stick

Top Coat

materials for mani

You can find these materials or equivalent materials at any drug store, grocery store and or beauty supply, nail supply store.

Lets Get Started!

Step 1:  By using acetone and a cotton round, remove previous polish.  I like to use 100% acetone due to the fact that is works extremely well, and saves you a lot of time and fuss, especially if your previous polish choice consisted of glitter or a color like red, or black. Another reason I like to use 100% acetone is that it is super drying. Using anything that dehydrates your nail plate during the manicuring process will help with the longevity of your next polish application.

polish removal.jpg

Step 2:  Trim and shape your nail with a nail file of small to medium grit. The smaller the grit the less abrasive it will be to your free edge, the larger the grit the harsher and more rough the file will be. If you have a lot of length and would like to go shorter, I recommend using nail clippers first. Its also important to soak your nails first if you plan to use nail clippers, this will make your nail plates soft and easier to clip, also preventing splitting past the desired length. There are many shapes you can create.

nails shapes .jpg

I prefer a more natural shape by going with what I like to call SQUOVAL, straight across and square tip, but round on the edges.

shaping nails .jpg

Step 3:  Apply cuticle remover to your cuticles.  Cuticle remover is a chemical solution that softens your cuticles making them easier to push up while also eating away any dead skin stuck to your nail plate.  You can always use a bit of lotion if you prefer a more natural and budget friendly approach.

cuticle remover.jpg

After applying the cuticle remover or lotion to your cuticles, place your hands in a bowl with warm water and a little bit of soap, for approximately 30 seconds, this also helps in softening your cuticles making them easier to push back.


As my hands are soaking, this is where I take the time to decide on a polish color if I haven’t already decided. Sometimes my options are endless…


Step 4:  After drying off your hands and wiping away cuticle softener and remover, take your cuticle pusher and gently push them them up.

push up cuticles .jpg

Step 5:  Now the next step is probably the most dreaded step of all manicure procedures. Clipping your cuticles!

Its scary yes, if you don’t know what you are doing. I am the queen of cuticle clipping.  The key to clipping your cuticles is clipping only what is dead! Some easy ways to know if the skin is dead are; if the skin is hanging off, white, hard or thick; If the skin or cuticle appears to be red, pink or soft, its live tissue and should be avoided when clipping.

clip cuticles .jpg

Step 6:  Time to buff your nails! Use a fine grit buffer. When buffing your nail beds you are taking off any dead layers and stained layers of nail.  Buffing your nails also creates a clean and smooth surface for polish application and eliminates any sharp edges. The smaller the grit the more smooth they will be. I prefer small or fine grit, which allows for a smooth and clean surface but still leaves them a little rough for the polish to adhere too.  You don’t want your nails to appear shiny in this stage.  A none grit buffer will make your nails shiny and slick, leaving nothing for the polish to adhere to.

buff nails.jpg

Step 7:   The next two steps are taken to help with the longevity of your polish.  The best way to prevent polish from chipping or peeling is creating a DRY and CLEAN surface.  After buffing your nails you will have nail powder residue, this needs to be washed off.

Step 8:  Now that your nails are clean, they need to be dehydrated.  Using a cotton round and more acetone, wipe your nail plates.  You will know they are dehydrated when they turn white and have no shine! To take the dehydration to the next level and aid in a long lasting polish application, I recommend using a nail dehydrator, known as nail prep or bonder.  Nail dehydrators are a chemical solution that is used as a drying agent.

dehydrate .jpg

more dehydration .jpg

Step 9:  Now in the next step, most would use a base coat, but not me! Base coats are primarily used as a protective barrier between your nail plate and polish, essentially helping to prevent the polish from staining your nail plate.   I find that when I use base coat, my polish doesn’t last nearly as long as when I skip it.

no base coat.jpg

Step 10:  Polish Time!!! After you choose your polish color, its time for the 1st application.

The best polish applications consist of 2 color coats and a topcoat.  The thinner the color coats are the better! It will dry faster and last longer.

Keeping away from your cuticles and edges, apply your 1st coat to one hand and then the other.  After you are finished with your second hand, apply the 2nd coat to your first hand and then move on to the other. If you have a bit of length, don’t forget to polish the tips of your free edge. By doing this it caps the layers and prevents chipping and peeling, along with the fact that when the polish starts to wear off it will wear off on the tip first.


seal and cap .jpg second coat .jpg

If you get polish anywhere you don’t want it, use an orange wood stick to clean up.  Even the professionals make mistakes!

clean up.jpg

Step 11:  Time for topcoat! After your polish applications have air dried for about 30 seconds, apply one layer of topcoat, and also sealing your nail tips. I recommend using an extreme shine topcoat.

top coat .jpg

Step 12:  Along with Step 7 and 8, Step 12 is very crucial for a long lasting manicure!

Through this whole manicure process it has been very important and our main focus to dehydrate the heck out of your nails!  Although it’s important for dry nail plates, it is even more important for conditioned cuticles.

Leaving moisturizing your cuticles, as the last step will insure in a long lasting manicure.

Moisturizing your cuticles at the end is KEY, but not to be forgotten! I suggest waiting until the topcoat air-dries for about one minute before applying cuticle oil or lotion.


Moisturizing your cuticles will prevent hangnails and skin around the nails from peeling, along with adding shine to your manicure.

Keeping your cuticles moisturized all week is a great and easy way to maintain your beautiful manicure.  As the days go by the more dry and brittle your nails and polish become, inevitably causing nail breaks and polish chipping.

Keeping cuticle oil at your nightstand or by your toothbrush will help you remember to moisturize them on the daily!

Mainly my point is that once your polish is dry, it is very important to put back as much hydration as you took out.  All in all, creating a beautiful, healthy, and long lasting manicure!


I hope you enjoyed this post and found the information helpful and inspirational.

Looking forward to the next Manicure Monday!

Stay Tasty Ladies!

Xoxo Alisha