February Favorites


Well hello there friends! Welcome to my February 2016 favorites. The products Im about to list have not only been my most used products this past month, but they have now become some of my holy grail, go to products, and I use them pretty much on the daily!FullSizeRenderNow let me break it all down for ya…IMG_3535This brush by ELF is pretty perfect, its extremely dense and picks up a lot of product and blends flawlessly. I use this brush to contour my bronzer. Great thing about ELF product line is the fact that they not only make great products, but they make it affordable and extremely accessible to stay on trend. This brush cost me $6.IMG_3536I use a lot of different brands of makeup brushes. This is another great one from ELF, it cost me $3. Its perfect for packing on that highlight!

FullSizeRenderI happen to pick up the wrong color, I typically like my concealers to be extremely brightening and pretty much white. This concealer has a doe foot applicator and is full coverage. This shades is pretty much the same shade as my foundation and I use it to conceal all those nasty blemishes, that yes, at 28 I still struggle with! This Revlon product set me back about $7

FullSizeRenderDisclaimer: This was a gift. However, its so good, I would save all my pennies to get more! This product is a high end product costing a good $35. It will most definitely last me a good while though. This “eye polish” has the coolest consistency and can be used for so many techniques. It can be applied as a base for eye shadows. You can even apply it over top of an eyeshadow. Its extremely build-able and can even be used on its own. This stuff comes in all sorts of shades. Cant wait to get my hands on more!IMG_3541I found this product at the Salon I work at. This is a mineral foundation stick. I don’t  typically purchase or use mineral based products, although there are many benefits to using mineral makeup, its been my experience that they tend to not be enough coverage for me and sometimes just sits on the surface of my skin, verses blending into it. However this foundation stick is just the opposite. This stuff has a lovely lovely scent and an extremely creamy consistency with the perfect amount of coverage. IMG_3540Damn Daniel, back at it again with the ELF!  This is ELF’s “smudge pot” comes in all different shades. This one is in the lightest shade offered. This stuff is perfect as a base to any eye look! And again cost me only $3.

IMG_3537Inspired by Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, but don’t have $37 to blow on it! Try the Maybelline Matte LipStick line. This is one trendy shade and only cost me $5…IMG_3543Saved the best for last… This eyeshadow right here is a drug store product with a high end result! I cant say enough good things about this Infallible Eye Shadow from Lore’l. Heres my little secret.. I use this stuff not only as a shadow for a lot of my eye looks, but I use it on the daily as my highlight!!! This stuff is a pressed pigment and has so much color pay off, its build-able most importantly affordable! $8


Well there you have it, a bit of a break down and list of some of most used and favorite products of February 2016! I hope you can get your hands on some of these products, and try them out for yourselves.

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Stay Tasty Ladies

Fruit Loop Martini


Happy Happy Hour! I don’t  know about you guys but I could live off cold cereal! Just the other day I was thinking about my pallet and how 4th grade like it is, and I wondered how I could make what I eat or drink seem a little bit more adult like. I thought alcohol! Right? add alcohol to something and it immediately becomes more mature…

FullSizeRenderThis is what you will need! FullSizeRender

Below is the step by step process on how to create this tasty beverage! FullSizeRenderThere you have it! A more adult way of getting away with cearal being your favorite food, and now, maybe your favorite drink! FullSizeRender


I hope you have a very happy happy hour and don’t forget to drink in moderation, as these may go down as easy as that bowl of cereal in the morning!

Stay Tasty Ladies!


Spring Lip Shade Trends

Hi ladies and maybe a few gents? Today on xtrafrosting.com its Beauty Tip Tuesday. I bring to you 7 different lip shades trending this spring. Thanks to a few inspirations from Kylie Jenner and Amrezy, I have narrowed down my favorite shades for springs 2016 and I’m bringing them to you not only in detail, but in affordability. Every single shade below is a drug store product ranging in price from $3-8. Enjoy!









FullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderIf you enjoyed this post leave me comment!!!

Stay tasty ladies

Whats In My Bag?-Summer Edition!

photo (1)

I have learned my lesson one to many times. Never go to the beach or pool unprepared. Now that I’m living in Arizona I tend to get a lot of pool time action, cause you know it’s 115 degrees and all! Below are the essential I bring in my pool bag and never leave the house with out anymore!

1. Stylish and functional bag- this one in particular was provided for us at one of the resorts we stayed at in Thailand. Needless to say I took it home!

2. Fun and festive summer towel – I always hit Walmart up for our pool towels, they have a great selection and are very affordable.

3. Water bottle- okay so this one I think besides sun protection is probably one of the most important things in my pool bag. While hanging out in the sun it’s super important to stay hydrated!

4. Sunscreen- I know 100 SPF might be a little dramatic, but let’s get real, I’m extremely pale and I do not tan! I burn, blister and peel.

5. Sun Tan Oil- Well let’s just say I’m a poser. I really, really like the smell of sun tan lotion and because I can’t use it for it’s purpose, I spray it on my towel for a summery scent.

6. Bug Spray- still water and water in general is prime real state for bugs and especially Mosquitos. I have that “sweet blood” and I can get eaten alive if not protected.

7. A good read- normally for me, that’s tends to be a magazine or Pinterest. These days I’m trying to branch out and become a little bit more intellectual, this book was given to me by a friend that could obviously tell it might be helpful. So far so good.

8. A snack- last but certainly not least, a little pick me up. Swimming and soaking in the sun can be depleting. I usually go for some fresh fruit and goldfish. Today I went with a good old granola bar!


I hope you enjoyed snooping through my bag! You can get to know some one really well based on what is in their bag. I would love to hear what you put it your pool/ beach bag! Leave a comment and let me in on your tips and tricks for a day on the water!

Stay Tasty Ladies,
Xoxo Alisha

Ultimate Summer Drink Guide

photo (1)

Cheers Readers!

Ever get to the bar or restaurant and you don’t know what to order to drink? Either you are too hungry to decide or you want to branch out from your usual go to libation. Well don’t fear, your ultimate drink guide is here! Summer is quickly approaching, below is a summer beverage guide to quench your thirst!

Starting with some really great beer options. Often times those fancy cocktails are a bit out of price range, and you can never go wrong with a good brewski!

photo (1)

Okay so if you have never tried Hoegarrden, I would say stop what you are doing, and hit your local bar or liquor store now, but I would hate for you to loose your place! This is the beer that the popular Blue Moon, by Coors copied. If you ask me, it doesn’t really compare. Hoegarrden is an unfiltered wheat beer with a cloudy yellow tone. Best served with a lemon or orange.


Now this one is not for everyone, it has mixed reviews, and to be honest I don’t perfer it unless its served in a tin bottle, like above. Bud Light lime is so easy to drink and pretty much the perfect outdoor summer activity beer. When it comes in a tin bottle, not only does it taste better, stays colder longer, but its also accepted pool side where glass bottles are not!

Lets talk wine!

photo (3)

A glass of Rose’ is perfect for summer. Its served iced cold. (I even sometimes put ice cubes it in) With its pretty color and floral flavor, its a great wine choice for summer, over just a classic white.

photo (8)

Moscato is a sweet and refreshing bubbly wine, similar to champagne but much much sweater and even easier to drink!


Sangria the “adult” jungle juice. This concoction comes with a warning label, it goes down like juice, but is very potent! Sangria is a mix of hard alcohol, wine, juice, and assorted fruits. A great thing about sangria is, if you like red wine, there is red sangria, and if you prefer white wine, go for the white sangria.

photo (2)

This next cocktail is a simple but delicious choice.

photo (5)

Its like a watermelon made out with pineapple, and after a few of these, you might be making out with someone too! Midori is a melon flavored liquor and pared with pineapple juice it makes a perfect tropical bliss!

photo (7)

Cant go wrong here, Margaritas are tequila based and one of the most popular summer beverages around. Although I drink margaritas all year round, in the summer I order them blended, verses on the rocks. A Slushy perfection!

photo (6)

Don’t knock it till you try it! (so I’ve heard) I have never tried a Pimms and Lemonade, but my roomie from the UK insisted it be on the list of recommended summer drinks. Pimms is a gin like liqueur, and apparently, pared with lemonade, it makes a brilliant refreshment. (Cant wait to get my hands on some PIMMS!)

photo (10)

Lime juice, soda water, mint and rum! pretty much the best mix ever, when it comes to summer beverages!

Last but certainly not least, my absolute favorite summer beverage!!!

photo (9)

The caipirinha is a Brazilian classic made with 3 ingredients; muddled lime, raw sugar and Cachaca liquor.  Very potent, refreshing, and easy to drink! It was love at first sight. The first time I had ever had a caipirinha was on South Beach in Miami Florida. At first glance I thought, “oh a Mojto”, but I was quickly corrected the moment I took my first sip! Although if you like mojitos you will love caipirinhas. Basically the best thing ever!!!

After all this, aren’t you thirsty now? Although I urge you try all these great summer drinks, I encourage you to drink responsibly, and try to avoid that dreadful thing we call a “hangover.”

Thanks for stopping by, and please leave me a comment down below!

Cheers, and stay tasty ladies,


Lavender Body Scrub


Hello lovely readers!

Today I have a DIY beauty tip for you. As summer approaches, so do bare body parts, legs, shoulders, knees and toes… To help you get those parts ready, you need to exfoliate the skin and dead cell build up from winter.  I have a lovely body scrub recipe that you can whip up in no time using what you already have in your pantry!

Three simple ingredients make for a luxurious scrub leaving your skin nourished and moisturized for the summer season!

photo (1)

Raw sugar is used as the exfoliant. If all you have is white granulated sugar go ahead and use that!

Olive Oil is the moisturizer. Again, use whatever oil you have! Canola oil or vegetable oil will work just fine.

Fresh Lavender not only provides an amazing and relaxing scent to this scrub, but its essential oils are used as an anti inflammatory and also helps purify the skin.

The word lavender stems from the latin word lavare which means “to wash” and is used regularly in a lot of beauty products.

Im currently in New Zealand and just down the block from us is a Lavender bush overtaking the side walk. I pass the lavender bush almost everyday when I bike to the market. The aroma which comes from this bush is truly to die for! Each time I pass it I say to myself I have got to do something with this Lavender! Thus came about the inspiration for todays post.

photo (2)2 TBSP of Raw Sugarphoto (7)Pluck the Lavender off the stem and into the bowl of sugar.photo (4)

photo (3)Using some sort of tool, you want to muddle the sugar and lavender. This step allows the essential oils from the lavender to infuse the sugar.photo (8)Add 1 cap full or 1 TBSP of olive oil. photo (5)Mix!photo (6)After desired exfoliation, rinse with warm water and you wont believe how soft your skin will feel!

Your skin will be prepped and ready for summer! Shorts and swim wear hear you come!

I hope you try this DIY beauty tip and that you love it as much as I did! My husband even noticed how much softer my skin felt, that my friends is proof in itself that this simple ingredient beauty tip is a sure win!

Happy tuesday and stay tasty ladies!


Spring Denim Guide


Happy friday friends!

Today I bring you a guide to this seasons distressed denim.

photo (2)

Every where I turn I see more and more distressed denim trends.  Springs hottest trend this season Im finding, is a pair of distressed bottoms, paired with some sporty, chic flats, printed or textured and a simple graphic T with a long cardi for that spring breeze.

Below are a few styles of distressed jeans, giving you the ultimate guide to finding your favorite pair of jeans for spring!

photo (1)


Hope this little guide makes it easier to find your new GoTo look for spring!

Stay tasty ladies!

Concealer Tip


Hello There Readers!

I have a quick and easy makeup tip for you today, I hope you enjoy!

I never used to wear concealer. After a few youtube tutorials I was convinced I must add it to my rep and it will make all the difference, it has, made all the difference. After about 2 years now of using concealer every time I wear makeup I have found the perfect technique.

photo (1)Applying your concealer in an inverted triangle shape under your eye verses quarter back style, will not only conceal your dark circles better but this technique also gets rid of any shadows that might make you look like you have dark circles.

Applying concealer is important because it hides dark circles and even outs your skin tone. It also adds light under your eyes, allowing a more youthful, glowing, refreshed and professional look.

I have been using these specific concealers. They work so well I have not branched out to any other brands or types. However I have really been wanting to get my hands on the MAC PRO long wear concealer, its about $25, and I have yet to been able to get myself to spend that much on one product.  Im the bargain shopper that rather get 5 different things for the same price!

photo (4)

photo (2)You want your concealer to be 2-3 shades lighter than your foundation, you may also use a more yellow toned concealer for blemishes, the yellow cancels out the red in your skin.

I have very light/ fair skin, in this case I like to use basically a white concealer.  Like with most makeup applications, I recommend, “when in doubt, blend it out” Its also important to set your concealer with a powder as well, this will keep the product from breaking up or creasing into your wrinkles.

Well lovies I hope you enjoyed todays post and that you find it helpful. Try out these tips and leave a comment letting me know if it worked for you!

Happy Valentines Day

Stay Tasty Ladies

Thirsty Thursday , Iced Coffee


Hi lovies!

It’s Thirsty Thursday over here at xrtrafrosting! I don’t know about y’all, but coffee is my jam!  I can’t seem to get enough coffee. It has been surprisingly very warm around these parts and I find myself longing for a cold, fresh rejuvenating and energizing beverage.

I channeled my inner barista and came up with a tasty little iced coffee treat, literally, iced, coffee. You’ll see what i mean if you keep scrolling…

All you need is three ingredients

photo (2)

photo (3)All though I like my coffee, I do however, like my coffee weak…I did grow up Mormon after all (they don’t drink coffee).  I used a vanilla flavored coffee.  If you want a more bold, strong coffee, go with a dark roast, and if you want the best of both worlds, use dark coffee and sub the 1/2 and 1/2 for vanilla creamer.

photo (4)

photo (5)

Don’t you hate it when you grab an iced coffee on your lunch break and that mid day refreshment taste so good you want it to last all day? But by the end its totally diluted by the melted ice… Well, with this recipe your iced coffee will last you all day long and only get stronger and tastier in as the day goes on!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Thirsty Thursday’s recipe and beverage idea.

Stay Tasty Ladies, Alisha

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